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Pawtle Indoor Pet Door

Pawtle is a fabric privacy screen for your inside doors. Perfect for anyone who shares their home with people and pets, and wants a little more privacy in their bedroom, bathroom or more.

Pawtle (Ivory White)
Pawtle (Ivory White)
Pawtle (Ivory White)

Pawtle (Ivory White)

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Stylish, practical and easy to install privacy screen for any internal door provides privacy for you and a portal for them. 

Made from 100% quality cotton fabrics and comes in a variety of colours

Great for bedrooms, bathrooms, spare rooms or any rooms. The Pawtle Pet Curtain measures 1.5m long by 30cm wide. 

Comes with 4 safety snap magnets which attach to your door and door frame using either the 3M adhesive on the back of the magnets, or the included removable strips making Pawtle easy to remove for renters. 

Sustainable packaging with 100% recyclable box and a compostable satchel. 

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Im shocked that such a simple system works so well! It dims the light coming from the bathroom too so we’re able to vent the area at night without disturbing the living room for a movie night. It is cat approved and human approved!


Love it! My cats are so happy now having free reign of the house. Cannot recommend enough.

Leila S.

Such an awesome product .. I can’t believe no one thought of it sooner .. now my cat - he can come and go as he chooses! It’s changed my life!

Melbourne, Australia

Pawtle is such a fantastic privacy idea! I’m a renter and having privacy with an open door for my cat was always a hassle! Then I found Pawtle!

Kelly K

Love my Pawtle! Such a simple idea but works so well.

Renee Q

Pawtle Promise

We want you to absolutely love your Pawtle.

If you’re not completely satisfied with Pawtle we will replace for free or refund within the first 30 days no questions asked.

Pawtle has a standard 12 month warranty past that point to cover any rare production issues.

It’s the Pawtle indoor pet door promise!