Frequently Asked Questions


Pawtle is a simple fabric privacy screen that acts as an indoor pet door. It attaches to your bedroom, bathroom or other doors using magnets. The magnets hold the screen in place and provide a safe way for the door to open and close without damaging Pawtle.

Just as they would any other door. When the Pawtle indoor pet door is in the up position and the door is pulled/pushed open, the privacy curtain falls back and stays attached to the door. Once in the room, it's easy to lift the top corner of Pawtle and snap it back into position on the door frame magnet.

Whilst we have tried to source an adhesive tape that sticks to most standard indoor surfaces, we can't guarantee that the Pawtle magnets will adhese to every surface.

If you find that the magnets aren't staying stuck to your surface you may need to source an alternative double sided tape.

Alternatively, use the 3M Command removable strips included with Pawtle which may attach to a greater variety of surfaces.

Yes. Pawtle is made from 100% cotton and can be thrown in the washing machine with your towels, sheets or other clothing.