The Pawtle Story

Do your furry friends suffer from a fear of closed doors? Does the sight of barriers invoke rage and resentment like you’ve never seen? We at Pawtle call this condition… clawstrophobia! (See what we did there)?

When our founder Andrew adopted his two kittens, Summer and Winter, they were able to roam his apartment uninterrupted. They lived a life free of doors and free from clawstrophobia. But being ladies of leisure came to a brutal end when Andrew got a housemate, and the girls encountered their first ever closed door!

See, Andrew’s a reasonable man. He knew his new housemate didn’t want to see him getting changed or rearranging his sock drawer. So Andrew started using the doors for their intended purpose. But as carpets started wearing thin from scratching, and the neighbours grew tired of endless meows, Andrew knew he had to find a solution. 

Andrew laid in bed one morning looking at his slightly-ajar door. He wondered to himself “If only there was something I could put right there which would protect unsuspecting eyes from my morning bed hair, but still let the cats come and go as they please.” And with that thought, Andrew went about creating the first ever Pawtle… providing privacy for him, and a portal for them