How Pawtle Works

Pawtle is a fabric panel that attaches to your bedroom or bathroom door using magnets. It creates privacy whilst letting your pets roam freely between rooms.

The Magnets

Pawtle comes with 4 disc magnets that have adhesive on the back of them. These disc magnets attach to your door and door frame and give Pawtle something to snap to.

If you're renting and don't want to attach magnets to your doors, we include 4 3M Command removable strips. You can use these instead of the adhesive on the back of the magnets.

The Fabric Panel

Pawtle is made from 100% cotton fabric. Inside each corner of the fabric panels there are metal discs. It's these discs which snap lock to the magnets that you install on the door.

This provides a secure, easy and safe way to hang Pawtle in position. If someone pushes the door open whilst Pawtle is up, it simply falls back and stays attached to the back of the door.

It hangs by itself

When the door is opened Pawtle simply hangs off the magent that's attached to the door. There's no need to put it away or store it.

When it's time for privacy, simply lift the other corner and snap it locked to the magent on the door frame. It could not be easier to use Pawtle.

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